Uniting for Action

Psoriatic disease is more than skin deep. The world has now come together to fight the disease and all its complexities. We need to stand united and change the lives of millions of people afflicted with psoriatic disease.

In 2014, the United Nations (UN), through the World Health Organization (WHO), committed to tackling psoriasis as a pressing health concern and aid people living with psoriatic disease. However, we have yet to see widespread action among the UN member states seven years later.

To this end, the International Federation of Psoriasis Associations (IFPA) has spearheaded the World Psoriasis Day petition. Through this petition, you can be involved and spark action now. Make a genuine impact on the lives of people living with psoriatic disease all over the world. Challenge your government to improve multidisciplinary care and deliver equal access to treatment. We should demand progress and change in how the disease is perceived, even within the medical community. Speak up for everyone living with psoriatic disease and stop the stigma.

Our Plight

One in three people still believes that psoriatic disease only affects the skin. In reality, it affects the whole body—from the joints to the heart and even to a person’s mental health. Moreover, four out of five people afflicted with psoriatic disease have faced social stigma and discrimination due to this condition. Patients should be informed about the consequences of having the disease and empowered to seek adequate medical support. The disease is not merely a cosmetic issue but a rather serious one.

Adding to this burden, people see at least three different medical professionals on average before receiving treatment that works. Every person afflicted with psoriatic disease deserves an affordable, safe, and effective treatment plan. These options should give importance to the person as a whole and not based on a single symptom.

We are done waiting for change; the time to act is now. Let’s join together to raise awareness and move forward. It’s time to be loud and demand a more educated world that knows what psoriatic disease is, how to combat it, and how to care for people who live with it every day—this is the power of World Psoriasis Day.

Our Demands

  • Change the perception about the psoriatic disease - Psoriatic disease affects the whole body, inside and out.
  • Ensure equal access to medicine - Availability of affordable, safe, effective, and quality treatment options for all patients.
  • Stop the stigma - Speak up for people living with psoriatic disease.
  • Advance holistic treatment - Patient care for a psoriatic disease that takes into consideration the person as a whole.
  • Prepare the health workforce - Well-informed and better equipped medical professionals for improved patient care.

Sign IFPA’s World Psoriasis Day petition online and join our fight today!




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