House Resolution No. 9821 Article 6


SECTION 22. Psoriasis and Related Supportive Care Medicines.

– The DOH, and other concerned government agencies shall implement reforms supporting early access to essential medicines, innovative medicines and

health technologies, to ensure the highest possible quality of life among people with psoriasis. The reforms include facilitating quick access to drugs for compassionate use and developing a more responsive system for effectively addressing emergency cases.

The FDA shall create a dedicated and streamlined process, not exceeding one (1) year, for the licensing of innovator and generic psoriasis medication, subject to appropriate quality checks and compliance with minimum standards, such as, but not limited to, being approved and used for psoriasis treatment in other countries.


SECTION 23. Support Management Care.

– The DOH shall ensure a sufficient supply of medicines for psoriasis-related care and management that are available at affordable prices. Further, the DOH shall formulate a monitoring system to check that psoriasis medications are safe and administered incorrect dosages.

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